Travel Notes: Introduction


Today is actually February 25. I’ve been in Australia for four nights now and I’m leaving in the morning for a two-day camping and 4X4 excursion to Fraser Island. Internet connection and time has been limited here spending hours on a bus, but wanted to get this post out before I left!

I’m writing this during a 12-hour train ride from Wellington to Auckland after an amazing last few days. Hard to believe this is my last night in New Zealand, as I’m flying to Australia tomorrow.

In this post I’m introducing a new category to my blog for travel notes. While other categories are more focused on themes surrounding the core values of this adventure, I realized that I also wanted to write a bit more about the actual travel element.

Travel Notes will post roughly once a week and will include basic accounts of places, activities and other travel-related thoughts and observations. It will also include links to photo galleries, which I’ve started posting to facebook.

It may take me a few weeks to catch up to “real time” in this section, but I’ve started with a few posts on Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown.


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